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iPad Apps: iHKG for iPad 高登討論區軟件推出

有用 iPhone 及上高登討論區的你,大概都會有聽過或使用 iHKG – 一個用來瀏覽 HKGOLDEN 論壇的 iPhone 軟件。最近,這個軟件推出了新版本,這個軟件對 iPad 的大屏幕更好地利用,使用 iPad 的朋友可以在 App Store 以 USD$0.99 購買 iHKG for iPad 這軟件。


iHKG for iPad 的官方介紹:

Finally! An iPad version of iHKG!

iHKG brings HKGolden (香港高登), one of the most popular and influencing forum in Hong Kong, to your iDevices! You can read, compose and search posts. You can bookmark topics, and iHKG will notify you when there are new posts in them. You can even store multiple account information.

** Note **

You can always read forum post but if you want to submit a new post, you must have a HKGolden account, which can be registered at http://www.hkgolden.com.

This is pretty much the same as iHKG (iPhone)+fullforce. If you got fullforce installed already, you don’t really need to buy this again 😉

用戶可在 iPad 中的 App Store 搜尋 iHKG for iPad 或點擊以下連結下載

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