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iPad 2 傳將於2011首季前推出並加入 FaceTime 功能

記得 iPad 才剛在本年初的時候推出,現在有傳聞指 Apple 將於 2011 年首季前推出下一代 iPad – iPad 2。當然,你可能會問 iPad 2 可以加入甚麼新功能呢?消息指 iPad 2 將會加入 FaceTime 功能。

Apple 有一個習慣就是會在一年更新一次使用 iOS 系統的產品線,例如 6月更新 iPhone、9月更新 iPod Touch 等,所以外界推測 Apple 將會在 2011 年首季 (大約在 1月) 更新 iPad,並正式推出具備 FaceTime 功能的 iPad 2。

Though the inaugural fleet of iPads has seen surprising momentum that’s kept them out of a supply-and-demand balance since April, their FaceTime-equipped successors are said to be tracking for an introduction no later than the first quarter of next year.

It’s also believed that Apple may striving to embed FaceTime within its entire mobile arsenal before making good on a promissory to open up the standard to the rest of the world, thereby mitigating the market opportunity for rival tablet devices that could incorporate the technology.

除此以外,iPad 2 會有甚麼改變呢? [以下內容純傳聞]

  • 採用新一代的 ARM Cortex A9 處理器 (參考前文)
  • 配備 512 MB RAM (參考前文)
  • 改用 Retina IPS 屏幕
  • 加入 FaceTime 功能
  • ….

等等吧!如果你想購買 iPad 2 的話 :p


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