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iPad 2 香港上市在即!?

Apple 宣佈將在四月在香港推出 iPad 2,相信不少用家都十分期待行貸的推出。儘管現在還是三月,Apple Online Store已出現iPad 2的踪影。





在香港Apple Online Store最新產品中出現了iPad 2及iPad Smart Cover的踪影,不過按下去後卻去了Mac 機的選購。可能Apple 員工怕大家沒耐性等下去,提一提大家iPad 2已不遠了!


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  1. As the staff of Apple shop in New York disclose that it was no store at all for iPad2 3G model in US since last week. Even for the other country, it is only selling for Ipad2 Wifi model, as for 3G model which can only wait on the list but no exact supply date given. The staff further that it’s really elicited the parts supply problem by the accident happened in Japan. I frigtened that the price of iPad2 for the current stock will be raised in crazy in near future.


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