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HP TouchPad 16GB HK$780 明天於 mobi Cares 開售!

昨天 HP 在官方 Facebook 公佈退款安排後,今天又在 Facebook 中公佈 HP TouchPad 價格調整後開售安排。根據官方的消息,HP 明天將會在 mobi Cares 的網站開售 HP TouchPad 16GB,而售價就是早前官方公佈的 $780。


不過,這邊廂 HP 公佈 mobi Cares 會代為售賣 HP TouchPad 的貨尾,那邊廂網站就掛了,很難以想像明天 mobi Cares 面對數以萬計的人次登入網站時候的情況。


以下是 HP 公佈的有關於《HP TouchPad 價格調整後開售安排》原文:

HP TouchPad 價格調整後開售安排 / HP TouchPad Price Adjustment and Sales Arrangement

就近日於美國公佈有關 HP TouchPad 的停產及價格調整的消息所引起的迴響,HP 香港亦就 HP TouchPad 售價及銷售渠道作出以下調整。

HP 香港將於網上公開發售 HP TouchPad 16GB,價格為 HK$780。數量有限,售完即止。


  • 訂購網址︰http://www.mobicares.com/hptouchpad
  • 優惠期︰2011年 8 月 25 日,上午 9 時正開始,2011 年8 月 26 日,晚上 9 時正停止接受網上訂購。
  • 開售產品︰HP TouchPad 16GB,價格︰HK$780

1) 透過此優惠購買之 HP TouchPad  只包原廠1年本地有限自攜保修。
2) 不接受任何更換、替換或退回現金。
3) 只接受親自領取貨品,並無上門送貨安排。詳細取貨地址,請參閱訂購網站。
4) 優惠數量有限,售完即止。
5)  mobi Cares 將保留最終決定權。

< 其他詳細條款及細則,請參閱訂購網站。>


Regarding recent announcement about the discontinuance of HP TouchPad and price adjustment in the US, HP Hong Kong will respond to that with the following arrangement.

HP Hong Kong will offers HP TouchPad 16GB at HK$780 through online ordering. Stock is limited. The order is only accepted while stock lasts.

Online Ordering Details

  • Online ordering website: http://www.mobicares.com/hptouchpad
  • Promotion period: Online ordering starts at 9:00am on 25 August 2011 and ends at 9:00pm on 26 August 2011.
  • Product: HP TouchPad 16GB at HK$780

Terms & Conditions:

1) The HP TouchPad purchased through this promotion is entitled to 1 year local limited carry-in warranty.
2) No return, replace or refund for the HP TouchPad purchased through this promotion is allowed.
3) Only accepted self-collected of goods and no delivery services will be arranged. For the details of the goods collection, please refer the online ordering website.
4) Stocks are limited. Order is accepted upon the availability of stock.
5) Mobi Cares reserves the right of final decision of the offer.

< Please refer to the online ordering website for other terms and conditions accordingly.>



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