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[Adobe MAX 2011] Adobe Touch Apps family 正式發佈囉!

除了 Adobe Creative Cloud 之外,Adobe 同時在 Adobe MAX 2011 中發佈了一系列的 Adobe Touch Apps family 的應用程式。這些 Adobe Touch Apps 故明思意是針對觸控屏幕,並會在未來陸續登陸上 Android 及 iOS 平台之上。

Adobe Touch Apps for creative pros 系列:

Adobe Photoshop Touch – 平板電腦的 Photoshop

What is Adobe Photoshop Touch?
The new Adobe® Photoshop® Touch app lets you quickly combine images, apply professional effects, share the results with friends and family through social networking sites like Facebook, and more — all from the convenience of your tablet.¹ Initially available for Android™.


Adobe Debut – 支援查看不同的 Adobe 檔案

What is Adobe Debut?

Adobe® Debut is the new Adobe Touch App that lets you elegantly present select Adobe Creative Suite® designs to clients and colleagues virtually anywhere with confidence and complete control.¹ Initially available for Android™.


Adobe Proto – 簡單版本網頁設計工具 (非 Dreamweaver 啦)

What is Adobe Proto?

Adobe® Proto, a new Adobe Touch App, lets you create interactive wireframes and prototypes of websites and mobile apps on your tablet. Communicate and share ideas with teams and clients using a touch-based interface.¹ Initially available for Android™.


Adobe Collage – 為圖片加入形象說明、效果等等

What is Adobe Collage?

Adobe® Collage is the new Adobe Touch App that lets you capture and refine concepts by combining inspirational images, drawings, text, and files from select Adobe Creative Suite® components into modern, conceptual moodboards.¹ Upload your files to Adobe Creative Cloud to refine later or share with others.² Initially available for Android™.


Adobe Ideas

What is Adobe Ideas?

Adobe® Ideas is the ideal touch app for your favorite Adobe Creative Suite® software. Design almost anywhere using vectors, layers, and color themes, and then easily access the results for finishing in Adobe Illustrator® or Photoshop®.¹


Adobe Kuler

What is Adobe Kuler?

The Adobe® Kuler® mobile app, an extension of the full Adobe Kuler service, enables you to generate color themes that can inspire any design project. Create, explore, download, and save color themes wherever you are inspired. Experiment with themes and discover inspiration in a vibrant online color community.¹ Initially available for Android™.



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