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Adobe Flash 10.2 Beta 測試版開放下載!

Adobe 今天在官方部落格宣佈正式推出 Adobe Flash Player 10.2 的第一個 Beta 測試版本,當中主要針 Stage Video 硬件加速、支援 IE9 硬件加速及其他功能改進。

Adobe Flash Player 10.2 Beta 內容:

We’re happy to announce a beta release of Flash Player 10.2 for Windows, Mac, and Linux is now available fordownload on Adobe Labs. Flash Player 10.2 beta introduces a number of enhancements we’re excited to share, including Stage Video, a new API that delivers best-in-class, high performance video playback across platforms. The new beta also includes Internet Explorer 9 hardware acceleration support previewed earlier (in Flash Player “Square”), enhanced text rendering, and two popular requests from the community: a native custom mouse cursors API and support for full screen playback with multiple monitors.

以下為 Adobe Flash Player 10.2 Beta 中的 Stage Video 功能展示:

下載 Adobe Flash Player 10.2 Beta


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