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WP7 Apps: SkyMap for Windows Phone 7

SkyMap 是一個 Windows Phone 7 App 提供了一個互動的星空地圖,讓用戶在手機上也可以探索宇宙上不同的星體。這個程式會顯示星體的名稱、座標、星體大小等不同的資訊。


SkyMap has a full set of features in order to help both casual stargazers and amateur astronomers to explore and locate the objects in the sky:

  • interactive zoom (dimmer stars are displayed based on the zoom level)
  • night mode (preserves the eye adaptation to dark during stargazing sessions)
  • gesture support (drag the sky map, pinch or double tap to zoom, tap to get sky object information, etc)
  • telrad circles
  • constellations, stars, deep space objects, planets, sun and moon informations
  • autocomplete search function
  • fast star data loading and initialization
  • various map customizations and settings
  • map animations
  • map support for portrait and landscape orientations
  • SkyMap for Windows Phone 7 (app presentation)

SkyMap for Windows Phone 7 (app presentation)


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