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WP7 Apps: NextGen Reader 支援 Google Reader!

NextGen Reader 是在 Windows Phone 7 平台上新發佈的軟件,是一個 Google Reader 的閱讀器。這個軟件提供了不同的 Google Reader 上功能,包括支援用戶對文章標記、分享、設定成已閱讀等。


以下是 NextGen Reader for Windows Phone 7 的功能:

  • works in offline mode.
  • completely secure – your login details are encrypted and stored on phone only.
  • full metro UI support for dark and white theme.
  • select multiple articles just like Official WP7 email client.
  • breeze through feeds, folders or friends-shared items in most intuitive way.
  • share articles on twitter and support for url shortner.
  • send to instapaper.
  • visually differentiate between read/unread, starred or shared items in list view.
  • recently starred and shared articles just a swipe away.
  • tap and hold to see context menu for frequent actions.
  • share, star or email articles.
  • mark articles as read under feed, folder or all items in one step.
  • sync articles as per choice – all or unread only.
  • smart sync marks multiple changes in background at specified intervals.
  • view feeds in landscape mode and change default font-size.
  • open full page in embedded browser or go to internet explorer.
  • can lock your device during refresh.

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