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官方宣佈 Sony Ericsson Xperia Android 2.3 更新年中後推出!

情況算是峰回路轉吧!本來一眾 Xperia X10 的用定埋怨 SE 不推出 Android 2.2 的時候,SE 來一招 Android 2.3 確實可以得到不少掌聲。當大家對於 Android 2.2 官方更新打定輸數的時候,今天 SE 在官方部落格中宣佈 Xperia X10 升級 Android 2.3 的消息。

Sony Ericsson 官方表示本來不打算為 Xperia X10 推出 Android 2.1 以後的更新,但 Xperia Play、Arc 及 Neo 改變了他們的想法。Sony Ericsson 官方公佈會在本年度 Q2 / Q3 推出 Xperia X10 Android 2.3 的更新。

以下是 Sony Ericsson X10 的 Android 2.3 更新重點:

  • The current plan is that the XperiaTM X10 will get the Android standard Camera user interface and therefore features like e.g. face recognition, smile shutter etc will be lost.
  • Moxier is replaced by the gingerbread native EAS functionality.
  • Mediascape is being replaced by the media experience widgets and music player included in our new 2011 products.
  • DRM keys for protected content on your phone will be lost in the upgrade process.
  • The Sony Ericsson Backup and Restore client is not supported in the Gingerbread version and will therefore be lost.
  • Support for bi-directional languages will be reduced compared to the latest version of the 2.1 version of the XperiaTM X10.
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