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入門級 Bada 2.0 智能手機 – Samsung Wave Y!

除了 Samsung Wave 3 及 Samsung Wave M 外,三星還另外推出了一部入門級的 Bada 2.0 智能手機 – Samsung Wave Y。當然,大家不可能期待 Samsung Wave Y 的硬件可以與 Wave 3 及 Wave M 比較,但 Samsung Wave Y 勝在售價親民!

以下是 Samsung Wave Y 的規格:

  • Bada 2.0 系統
  • 3.2 吋 TFT HVGA 屏幕
  • 320 x 480 pixels 解像度
  • 單核心 832MHz 處理器
  • 200 萬像素相機
  • 1200 mAH
  • 重量:102 g
  • 尺吋:110 x 58.2 x 12.3 mm

The Samsung Wave Y is the perfect device to introduce new users to the world of smartphone experiences. With a stylish metallic hairline body and large 3.2” HVGA screen, new users can take their first steps to mobile social networking with Social Hub and ChatON. Simple personalisation is enabled via the Live Panel, Lock Screen and Folder management, while Music Hub, a portable music manager, gives users a jukebox in their pocket.


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