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最強規格!Samsung Galaxy S $5,588天價開售!

Samsung 雖然在較早的時候已經推出過多支的 Android 手機,不過在香港開售的行貨手機僅僅只有 Samsung Galaxy i7500 一部。似乎香港的 Samsung 只顧著推出高價的 Android 手機,像早前介紹過的 Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700 手機都沒有機會在港正式推出。最近,Samsung 又公佈了一支 Android 旗艦級手機 Samsung Galaxy S i9000,並會以 HKD$ 5,588 這個相當高的售價正式開賣。

相比起 HTC Sense 的介面,Samsung 對於 Samsung Galaxy S 的介面亦有相當大的改動,讓初次使用 Android 的用戶可以相當容易地上手。另外,除了使用者介面外,Samsung Galaxy S 另一個賣點就是它的規格。相比起目前的 Android 頂級規格手機,Samsung Galaxy S 仍然要高出一個等級。Samsung Galaxy S 除了使用 1GHz 的處理器外,在顯示方面有相當出色的表面。

Samsung Galaxy S 採用了一個 4吋 AMOLED 的顯示屏幕,另外,Samsung Galaxy 亦內置一枚規格相當高的 GPU,所以 Nexus One 及 HTC Desire 等旗艦級的手機在顯示方面仍然是遠遠落後於 Samsung Galaxy S。

雖然 Samsung Galaxy S 的規格是相當的高,但如果相比起其餘的 Android 旗艦手機,Samsung Galaxy S 的售價仍比它們高出達 1/4 之多。不過可以肯定的是,Samsung Galaxy S 一定會是 2010年下半年度其中一部最引人注目的 Android 手機。

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  1. I’m a latest Omnia (910) user on Verizon who was quite disappointed with Windows Mobile 6.1 and Samsung’s shell. Wound up buying SPB Mobile Shell to get a usable interface and needed to abandon Exchange electronic mail caused by security restrictions. Generally anytime you tried to location or receive a call, you needed to enter your PIN and I was missing calls to be a outcome. Finally made the decision to abandon smartphones for that time becoming (economic motives) and wait for a great Android product. The Galaxy S (Facinate) really should fit the bill. Disappointed to hear in the GPS difficulties. Let me add that Verizon’s 3G service was superb through and I at some point stopped applying WiFi because V3G was plenty fast sufficient for me.Interestingly, I’m using the Omnia like a wireless gadget close to the home for checking electronic mail, Twitter, Facebook and easy browsing. But not to be a telephone!


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