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Samsung GALAXY Note 3 LTE 更新至 Android 4.4 Kitkat 囉!


在 HTC One 之後,Samsung 也終於推出 2013 年下半年旗艦機王 Samsung GALAXY Note 3 LTE 的 Android 4.4 Kitkat 更新。目前用戶已經可以透過 FOTA 或者 Kies 更新 GALAXY Note 3 LTE 囉!


[更新消息] GALAXY Note3 LTE 升級至Android 4.4 [KitKat]啦! 軟件更新已經準備好!
大家可以透過Kies或FOTA進行更新! 更新前建議先將手機資料備份喔! FOTA更新將會陸續發放,請耐心等候!

*軟件約有[409.27MB], 建議用Wi-Fi進行更新, 以免產生額外流動數據費用

1) 操作系統更新 – [KitKat OS 4.4.2] 2) 音樂專輯封面會在播放音樂時顯示於鎖定螢幕上。
3) 新增全新啟動器設定功能表。
4) 相機捷徑新增至鎖定螢幕。
5) 改善了使用者介面並提高了穩定性

手機軟件升級教學: http://spr.ly/618650Io
Kies備份手機教學: http://spr.ly/618850Iq

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2 回應

  1. Suggest to hold your update. Mine having issues – annoying issues – after the 4.4 KikKat. As far as I know I am not the only one.

    1. Screen do not awake from standby when flip open the S-View cover or pressing home/power button. LED lits and the two Menu/Back button backlight lits also but just refuse to turn on the screen. It takes some time (about 30 sec or more) to wake up.

    2. Clock widget does not update in lock screen when awake from standby. Discrepancy between time shows in notification bar.

    3. After 1 and/or 2 – touch screen seems to slow in response. Notification bar turn black for a while and no response when touch to key in PIN or swipe to open the notification list.
    4. On occasions when have incoming call, screen doesn’t turn on and can’t accept or reject call or view caller””s number.

    Have all above since KitKat update

  2. icon grouping is lost, while some of them are not. Strange…. there are many icon out of folder now ….
    battery running out very quickly.
    entered twice the safe mode without reasons
    since 4.4.2 update for Note 3 LTE


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