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OnePlus One 確認可以升級至 Android L


OnePlus One 可以使用 CM 或者 ColorOS,是刷機發燒友的最愛。早前 Google 在 Google IO 2014 中公佈了全新版本 Android 系統 ─ Android L 的詳情,不少人都關心自己手上的手機能否升級。日前,OnePlus 就在官方論壇確認 OnePlus One 可以升級至 Android L。



So a lot – I mean, a lot – of people are asking about whether we’ll be getting on the Android L train. It was announced while I was asleep and when I got back to work the morning after, there were already a bunch of forum posts and (strangely) customer support requests about it.

Well, we’re keen to announce today that the OnePlus One will indeed be getting the L treatment. When, you ask? That depends on Google. We promise to have it done within three months of their releasing a final build.

簡單來說就是 OnePlus 承諾在 Google 推最終版 Android L 的三個月內發放固件升級 。


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