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Motorola Milestone不可能在短時間更新Android 2.2

早前有傳聞指出 Motorola 將會在短時間內推出 Verizon Motorola Droid 的 Android 2.2 升級,不過直至現在仍然未放出。Motorola Milestone 能否升級至 Android 2.2,相信一般用家都很少會擔心,但原來 Motorola 暫時仍未決定會否推出 Milestone Android 2.2 的更新。

沒想到 HTC 的情況最後也會出現在 Motorola Milestone 用家的身上!早前,Motorola Europe 在 Facebook 進行了一個問答會,更請來了 Motorola 的 Marketing Director – James King 解答問題。James King 指出,Motorola Europe 仍未決定會否為 Motorola Milestone 升級至 Android 2.2。

轉自 Motorola Europe (link)

Next European Milestone and 2.2 (Froyo). I have expressed over the last few days that the decision is pending. The team here has been collating key pieces of information and views from this community in the last month and providing input to relevant teams in Motorola so they are aware. I am pushing for that decision to be made as quickly aspossible, and we can then all go from there. Some others ask why the decisions on upgrades take so long, and why does implementation then take much longer still. What I can say and have stated recently is that upgrades are not a walk in the park. Sure there are short cuts that people can take, but when you have to integrate software to a specific hardware, then test it and integrate with third party applications, let alone any innovation from ourselves, plus then get approvals to make this all official and safe… its is a big undertaking that requires planning and resource and third party coordination to see this all through. As I say, once we have decision, we will inform. JK

相信,目前 Motorola 會否推出 Android 2.2 的更新,最大的考慮應該是會否影響即將推出的 Motorola Droid X 及 Motorola Droid 2 的銷量。如果 Motorola Europe 不推出 Android 2.2 更新的話,相信香港及台灣推出的 Motorola Milestone 不獲 Android 2.2 升級的機會極大。

老實說,我看 Motorola 考慮會否推出 Milestone Android 2.2 的升級其實不應該是單純資源的考慮!Motorola 好不容易才透過 Motorola Droid 及 Motorola Milestone 翻身,如果單純因為擔心 Droid 2 及 Droid X 的銷量就放棄更新 Android 2.2,我認為會令剛重新對 Motorola 建立起信心的消費者失望,而 Motorola Milestone 推出至今才半年有多,而當初亦承諾 Motorola Milestone 是 Flash-ready,最後如果 Motorola 不推出 Android 2.2 的更新,變相 Flash 不能登陸 Milestone,會否違反了當初的承諾呢?

如果你是 Motorola Milestone 的用戶,你可以考慮到 Motorola Europe 的 Facebook 放聲,表示對 Motorola 推出 Milestone Android 2.2 更新的要求!

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