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傳Motorola Droid將在7月13日升級至Android 2.2 Froyo

我們早前曾經提過部份 Motorola Droid 測試用戶已經透過OTA接收Android 2.2 的更新,但似乎目前並沒有進一步的消息。現在又有傳聞指 Motorola 將會在 7月 13日向 Motorola Droid 用戶發放 Android 2.2 Froyo 的更新。

根據 DroidLife 的報導,傳聞 Motorola Droid 將會在 7月 13日更新至 Android 2.2。以下為 DroidLife 為 Motorola Droid 的 Android 2.2 升級的推測:

  1. We’ve already seen July mentioned in a couple of Verizon systems.
  2. The Droid X arrives 2 days later on the 15th.  What better way to keep your millions of Droid 1 customers happy than by dropping a major OS update on them a few days before a new device takes over the Droid throne.
  3. July 13th is a Tuesday, and if you remember the 2.1 update, Verizon tends to like Tuesdays.
  4. We saw the release of an extremely polished Droid Froyo build (FRF84B) this week which should mean we’re closer than ever.

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