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MotoFrenzy (Froyo Android 2.2 for Motorola Milestone) 推出!

早前我們報導過 Motorola Europe 指正在考慮是否推出 Milestone 的 Android 2.2 Froyo 升級,但目前仍未有計劃會推出。由於 Motorola 把 Milestone 的 bootloader 鎖了,所以一直以來都未有 Milestone 的第三方固件推出。直至最近,XDA Developers 論壇出現了名為 MotoFrenzy 的 Android 2.2 Froyo for Motorola Milestone 固件。

以下為轉自XDA Developers Forum 有關 MotoFrenzy 的說明:

Image is for OpenRecovery (ADBRecovery)

27-07-2010 v0.1b: (MotoFrenzyv01b.ZIP)
– updated zip so overclock module is now added again.
– attached to this thread is a zip with USB activation fix.
Install and usb will now function normally.
inside the zip is a update-nosign.zip which installs with OpenRecovery (apply update)
file goes into /OpenRecovery/updates on sdcard

26.07.2010 Forgot to include the “overclock” file in the zip.
put this onto your sdcard, and remember to modify values before you save it, unless you want 1000Mhz.

Download – MotoFrenzy v0.1a

V0.1a Sorry, for the rather poor testing on first release,
but meantime i got the lack of space solved, and image
does not use /cache anymore, and no need to think about
hidden problems in openrecovery, this image is now
100% in /system and you can wipe phone without problems too.

– also fixed a Bluetooth problem

– removed flash10.1, you need to download after install
flash seems not to be able to activate when run during recovery

– changed build.prop , for support of downloading “flash10.1 beta3”
seems our milestone is not allowed to do that.
note: if you disable overclock in app, you cannot enable before
you reboot phone.. overclock app see phone as “nexus one”
and its not supported.

– Removed backup of apps to sdcard, as they are now in /system

V0.1 Note this is based on original Motorola kernel for AndroidOS 2.1,
so features required for OS 2.2 with new kernel is not available.

This is work in progress, so bugs might be there…

Froyo is a ENGLISH release only for now..

– Bluetooth
– Wifi
– SDCard detection
– USB / ABD (USB sdcard, Only if connected from power-on)
– AC Charging (milestone specific option)
– 3D games / full display support
– Video playback (Youtube etc..)
– Wipe
– G-sensor

– Camera / Video Recorder
– USB mount of SDcard (if not connected at bootup)
– WIPE (do not wipe phone before first boot has completed)

Includes overclocking module, see readme in zip for more details.
If you wish to wipe data, please do this after first bootup, as the app files are on the “cache” partition, and will be lost if the backup function does not run during first bootup. it copies the apps to your sdcard (50MB)

內地亦有網友成功把 Milestone 刷成 Android 2.2,以下為 MotoFrenzy 升級 Android 2.2 的截圖:

不過,由於 MotoFrenzy 仍是測試階段,而且有不少問題,建議非高手的話勿刷!

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