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LG 在南韓推出 Optimus Z Android 手機

其實早在四月的時候,LG 經已發佈這部名為 LG Optimus Z 的旗艦 Android 手機,但直至昨日才開始在南韓發售。LG Optimus Z 將會由兩間南韓電訊商,SK Telecom 及 KT 推出,型號分別為 LG SU950 及 LG KU9500。相比起 LG 早前推出的其他手機,LG Optimus Z 採用了一個較為 “angular” 的設計,則比較呈方形。LG Optimus Z 目前會於南韓率先發售,而國際版本估計會在稍後推出。

LG Optimus Z 是 LG 最新的 Android 旗艦級手機,採用了 3.5吋的 WVGA 屏幕、500 萬像素相機鏡頭及支援 DivX 等。相信是 Droid X 及 Galaxy S 等手機以外的選擇。

LG Optimus Z 新聞稿

SEOUL, July 29, 2010 – LG Electronics (LG) today announced the Korean launch of its latest smartphone, LG Optimus Z (LG-SU950/KU9500). Offered through local tele-coms providers SK Telecom and KT, Part of LG’s Optimus Series, Optimus Z boasts a singular, stylish design and latest version of Google’s Android OS.

With the 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon at its core, Optimus Z is being launched with Android OS 2.1 with the option to upgrade to Version 2.2 before the end of the year. Advanced multimedia options include 3.5 inch WVGA “Hyper” HD LCD (800 x 480 pixels), Korea-specific T-DMB mobile TV, 5 MP camera, Dolby Mobile and DivX compatibility. Optimus Z comes with two 1,350mAh batteries, good for hours and hours of talking or entertainment. And at only 11.05 mm thin, Optimus Z and its unique “Z- style” design is more angular than previous LG smartphones and its matte-finish metal gives the Optimus Z a solid, durable feel.

In a first for Korean smartphones, the LG Optimus Z offers On Screen Phone function that lets user display their phone interface on the screen of their PC. Using Bluetooth or a data cable, the interface will appear onscreen, letting users manage the phone’s vari- ous functions – including applications and e-mail – on the computer. In addition, any documents, images or music files stored on the PC can be easily transferred to Optimus Z using this interface. Furthermore, Drag & Shake allows LG Optimus Z users to share files between smartphones with a simple shake of the handset, while LG Air Sync lets them constantly sync the phone with their PCs or other mobile digital devices.

The LG Optimus Z comes pre-equipped with more than 100 of the most popular appli- cations in Korea, along with 70 more that are not available in the Android Market. Additional applications may be downloaded through SK Telecom’s and KT’s respective application stores.

Optimus Z is the third device in LG’s Optimus Series family to be introduced globally. More Optimus devices are in the pipeline, including the launch of LG’s Android tablet in the fourth quarter of 2010.

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