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「情人節系列」iPhone Apps: TVB愛的季節 Seasons of Love!

情人節將近,不少的媒體、商場及開發商都推出了不少以情人節為主題的 iPhone Apps。這次為大家找來的是由 TVB 推出的名為 「TVB愛的季節」的 iPhone Apps,為大家提供了不少有關於情人節的飲食、健康產品、電子數碼產品、美容及化妝品及旅遊的資訊及折扣等。


以下是「TVB愛的季節」 iPhone Apps 的官方介紹:

下載 “愛的季節”,各項驚喜主意及折扣優惠即一一奉上,給你和至愛一個甜蜜浪漫的 “愛的季節”!


“愛的季節” 之由來:
2月14日 – 西方情人節
2月17日 – 中國元宵節
3月14日 – 白色情人節

我們將之名為 “愛的季節”。




由TVB “愛的季節”贊助伙伴呈獻
Download this app and get numerous ideas and special offers to help you celebrate
the 2011 Season of Love!

In this app, you will find many Ideas and Special Offers including :
-Health Equipment
-Digital / Electronic Equipment and Gadgets
-Skin Care / Cosmetic Products

What is the Season of Love?
Between February 14, 2011 to March 14, 2011 there are three very special days:

February 14, 2011 – Valentine’s Day
February 17, 2011 – Chinese Valentine’s Day
March 14, 2011 -White Valentine’s Day

We call this entire period the Season of Love.

This Season of Love is a great time of the year to express your love to those you care about…
it is a time to express not just Romantic Love, but also Parental Love, Family Love, and Love of your Friends and Colleagues !

So we have put together this collection of great ideas and special offers that will help you to express your love to your loved ones!

Download this app and be delighted with the surprises that are in store for you !

Brought to you by the sponsors of TVB’s Season of Love

下載 「TVB愛的季節 Seasons of Love」


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