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iOS Apps: ChatON by Samsung 登陸 iPhone 囉!

WhatsApp、LINE 及 ICQ 在智能手機市場上大行其道,Samsung 也想加入戰團是可以理解的。除了 BADA 及 Android 外,日前,Samsung 終於釋出了 iPhone 版本的 ChatON 程式,Bada 及 Android 用戶終於可以透過 ChatON 與 iPhone 好友溝通囉!


Chat Your Way, ChatON !

ChatON is a Global Mobile Communication Service that enables you to have better relationships with your buddies or groups.

ChatON brings together all of these methods of communication, expression, and sharing in one place.

1) ChatON supports multi platforms and devices. Users can chat freely through ChatON.

– Currently, ChatON supports iOS, Android, Bada, Samsung Feature and will support Blackberry, Window mobile, web soon.

2) ChatON provides multi ways to make your communication richer.

– 1:1 Chat, Group Chat, Broadcast, Drawing Message, Picture, Video, Voice, Location, Contact, Calendar.

3) Using ChatON, create your own unique drawing message by hand drawing etc.

4) ChatON provides group management feature for easy group chat

5) ChatON provides Interaction rank which informs you how often you chat with your buddies.

6) For every chat room, you can easily see all sent images and videos in a Trunk.

7) Something to say for your buddies? Use ‘Buddies Say’!

iPhone Apps – ChatON by Samsung 截圖:

從 iTunes App Store 免費下載 ChatON

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