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Google成功收購BlindType 會把虛擬鍵盤技術整合至Android鍵盤嗎?

Google 每月一收購的活動持續,這次是為 Android 系統加碼,收購早前才剛在網上發佈虛擬鍵盤技術展示短片的 BlindType。BlindType 是一間開發觸控屏虛擬鍵盤技術的公司,其輸入鍵盤稱可透過分析每個按鍵的位置,估計用戶實際想輸入的鍵,並對錯誤進行修正。

以下為 BlindType 官方就 Google 成功收購一事的回應:

BlindType has been acquired by Google!

We are excited to announce that BlindType has been acquired by Google!

We want to thank everyone for their overwhelming support and positive feedback.
We know that typing on your mobile device can be a frustrating experience, which is why
we’ve worked hard to make touch typing easier and faster than ever – the way it should be.

We’re excited to join Google, and look forward to the great opportunities for mobile innovation that lie ahead.

The BlindType team

小編估計,根據以往 Google 收購公司的慣例,未來 BlindType 的技術將極有機會被整合到 Android 鍵盤之中,而 BlindType 的開發人員亦會加入至 Google 或 Android 的開發團隊之中。

BlindType on Android


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