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來自 Gizmodo 的 Samsung Nexus Two 試玩報告

最近 Google 會推出 Nexus Two 的消息炒得熱哄哄,除了傳聞指會在 Samsung 十一月初的發佈會中推出外,還有來自 Gizmodo 的獨家試玩報告!大家可記得 Gizmodo 是在 iPhone 4 推出前刊出照片的科技網站,除了引起 Apple 的官司外,也令該網站聲名大增!

以下為 Gizmodo 的消息來源對於 Nexus Two 的報告:

“When I first saw it from 10 feet away, I thought it was the Galaxy S,” says our source, who got to handle one. “I was a little surprised it was the Nexus Two,” because it’s so different from the Nexus One.

It’s black and shiny, built with glossy plastic. Up close, though, it’s “got this curve to it.” While the screen, which our source thinks is the same 4-inch AMOLED affair from the Galaxy series, is flat, the front is “sort of concave” with hard edges. And the back is curved. The tapering makes it feel thinner than Galaxy S, though it might be about the same thickness. “It feels really similar to the Galaxy S in a lot ways.” (Note: Our mockup is very approximate.)

Gizmodo 引述消息人仕表示,Nexus Two 的外型與 Galaxy S 相當接近,且與由 HTC 代工的 Nexus One 在外型上不同。Nexus Two 採用了光滑的塑膠作外殼,黑色並且光亮,而屏幕似乎是採用了與 Galaxy S 相同的 4 吋 Super AMOLED。與 Galaxy S 不同之處,Nexus Two 背面採用了曲線的設計,令 Nexus Two 感覺上被 Galaxy S 更加薄。


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