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Android Apps: Skyfire 2.2 發佈!

Android 就是比 iPhone 有這個好處,我們早前報導過 Android 版本的 Opera 更新上 5.1,這次另一個瀏覽器 Skyfire 也發佈了新版本 – Skyfire 2.2,即使用戶對於內置的瀏覽器不滿,Google 亦大方地讓不同的瀏覽器如 Dolphin、Opera 及 Skyfire 在 Android 系統內生存下來。

目前在 Android Market 的 Skyfire 已更新版本至,而這次更新亦對功能上作出增加及改善。

Skyfire 2.2 的更新內容:

What’s new in this release?

  • GeoLocation Support. Skyfire now supports the HTML5 GeoLocation feature. Thus, for example, Google and other web pages that use the location feature will be fully working.
  • Vertical Search Results. When searching with Skyfire several result options are available, such as Google, Videos, Trends, Twitter and Amazon. We will add more providers from time to time, so send us feedback.
  • Set as Default Browser. For Android 1.5 to 2.1 Skyfire supports setting the default browser option within Skyfire. Unfortunately, Android 2.2 does not provide that option.

Enhancements in this release

  • Android 2.2 / FroYo enhancements: Fixed some cosmetic and crash related issues that were FroYo specific.
  • Flash 10.1 related enhancements: Addressed UI overlap and background audio issues with Flash. We recommend that users change the Plug-in setting to “On Demand” under the Browser Settings tab for snappier browsing experience.
  • Updated Video startup behavior: We optimized the video start sequence to clearly differentiate between pre-loading and buffering.
  • Disable standard Zoom buttons: we reintroduced this feature (was missing in Skyfire 2.1). Thus you can remove the +/- zoom buttons if they are not wanted.
  • Improved Pinch to zoom for HTC devices (Evo, Incredible etc). We found a way to reduce the page shifting behavior after pinching that was systemic to some HTC devices.
  • Fixed some crash and force close related issues that we found.

Known Issues

  • Finding videos and 25% stuck issues. Supporting videos from millions of websites on the Web is not a trivial undertaking. We are getting better and better at it and support more than 100,000 websites and counting. Another major upgrade due out soon so stay tuned.
  • Hulu: Won’t work since Hulu does not have the rights to support content for mobile devices and thus is blocking Skyfire.

Skyfire 2.2 截圖:


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