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Android Apps: 《MSN Messenger: Mercury Free》更新至 1.2 囉!

云云的 Android MSN Client 當中,你比較喜歡那一個呢?小編認為,作為一個 MSN Messenger 的 Client,穩定方便就已經相當不錯了。這次為大家介紹的是剛升級到 1.2 版本的 《MSN Messenger: Mercury Free》。


以下是 Mercury Free 的功能:

  • File transfer
  • Voice clips
  • Group chat
  • Invisible signin
  • Multiple MSN accounts
  • Logging to sdcard
  • Offline messaging
  • Show current song (MSN Now playing)
  • Improved Launcher (Widget)
  • Fling (or swipe) between contact lists and conversations
  • Events notification (message received, contact signed in)
  • Notifications: status bar, vibrate, audio, led
  • Chat with your MSN and Yahoo contacts

《MSN Messenger: Mercury Free》 1.2 版本的新功能:

  1. Added Serbian and Portuguese (Portugal) languages
  2. Added a search menuitem to the contact list
  3. Faster contact list screen and account list screen
  4. Fixed groupless contacts being misplaced
  5. Fixed some friend requests not showing cause of misformatted message
  6. Greatly improved memory usage for accounts with many contacts
  7. Allowing offline IM’s while on MSNP11
  8. Improved reconnecting, added a max reconnect count preference

《MSN Messenger: Mercury Free》



Android 最低版本需求:1.5以上


已更新:四月 13, 2011

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