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Android Apps: LauncherPro 更新至 0.8.4!加入 Gmail Widget!

LauncherPro  又有一段時間沒有更新了,今天終於推出了 LauncherPro 0.8.4 版本,Plus 的用戶加入了 Gmail Widget,至於普通版本的用戶則加入了兩款 Homescreen transition effects 及一些小問題改善。

以下是 LauncherPro 0.8.4 更新內容:

  1. New Gmail widget for Plus users! Note: Due to Android restrictions we cannot open individual conversations in the official Gmail app from 3rd party apps, so we have to open them in our own internal viewer. Replying is handled by the official Gmail app.
  2. New “Flip” and “Rotate 2” homescreen transition effects. The old “Flip” transition is now called “Flip 2”.
  3. Facebook login is now done through the official Facebook app (where available).
  4. Updated the Twitter widget code to fix some issues.




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