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Android Apps: Google Reader App 更新至 0.9.2!

Google 今天推出了 Android 手機上的 Google Read App 的更新,最新版本為 0.9.2,主要加入 Widgets 及可一次過把之前的 Article 設定成已閱讀。跳轉可以看到詳細的介紹。

Google Reader App 0.9.2 for Android 更新功能:

  1. Unread count widget — choose any feed, label, person, or “all items” and get the unread count on your home screen. 在屏幕上放置 Widget 顯示未讀文章數目
  2. News ticker widget — cycles through items on any stream in Reader. Clicking any headline takes you to the article. Clicking the folder takes you to that stream. 在屏幕上放置 Widget 顯示未讀文章
  3. Mark previous as read — scroll down your reading list, hit “Mark previous as read” at any time to only mark things above the screen as read. 可以點選 Mark previous as read 把之前的文章設置成已閱讀
  4. Bugfixes
  5. Note: widgets are only available on Android 2.2 and higher.

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