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Android Apps: Google Maps 更新至 4.7,加入地點評分及個人推介功能

Google 剛剛推出了 Google Maps for Android 的更新,最新的版本為 4.7,目前用戶已經可以透過 Android Market 更新。這次更新主要加入了兩項新功能,當中包括了為地點評分 (Rate places on the go) 及取得個人推介功能 (Get personalized recommendations)。

地點評分 (Rate places on the go)

Google Maps 4.7 加入了一個新的評分小工具,用戶在安裝後可在 Home Screen 加入名為 Rate Places 的小工具,當然亦可以透過在 Place 頁面評分及編寫 Reviews。

Now you can write and publish ratings and reviews from your mobile phone. We make it quick and easy with a new rating widget designed for rating places on the go. Install it from your homescreen by going to Menu > Add > Widgets > Rate Places. You can also post ratings and reviews directly from any Place page. So, when you polish off the crispiest carnitas taco you’ve ever eaten, you can pull out your Android phone to celebrate the event and give that taqueria the public love it deserves.

取得個人推介功能 (Get personalized recommendations)

在用戶評分過後,Google 會取得你的個人喜好。根據 Google 的分析,Google Maps 將會在未來你搜尋的時候,推你推介更加適合你個人口味的地點。

Why rate the places you’ve been? First, your ratings will personalize your search results by customizing them according to your tastes. Even better, when you add friends to the mix using Hotpot on your computer, your ratings will point them in the direction of the best enchiladas in town the next time they crave Mexican food, wherever they happen to be.

至於 iPhone 用戶,Google 即將推出一個 Places app 讓用戶使用地點評分及個人推介功能,目前用戶可以暫時使用 iPhone 中的瀏覽器,並在 Google 首頁中選擇 Places 功能。

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