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Android Apps: Flash Player 10.2 登場!

Adobe 在日前放出了 Flash Player 10.2 的更新,這次是 Adobe 把 Flash Player 放到 Android Market 後的首次重大更新。Flash Player 推出 Android 版本,令 Android 的裝置可以開啟 Flash 的網頁,不論對於 Adobe 或是 Android 來說都是一個雙贏的局面。

以下是 Flash 10.2 更新的內容:

Flash Player takes advantage of multi-core processors and includes other performance improvements to deliver improved performance of video and interactive content on many devices. This release is not certified for use on Android 3.0 devices without a system update to at least 3.0.1. List of certified devices: www.adobe.com/go/cd1. Release notes: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/895/cpsid_89556.html.

根據官方表示,Flash 10.2 主要針對多核心的裝置進行優化,同時亦對於播放影片及互動內容的效能作出優化。另外,這個 Flash Player 10.2 的更新亦正式支援上 Android 3.0+ 的系統。

快到 Android Market 看看「Flash Player 10.2」!

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