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Android Apps: Dailer One 更新至 v1.2.7.6

Android 的好處就是大部份的功能都可以使用第三方軟件來代替,這次介紹的 Dailer One 就是一個可以代替原裝撥號功能軟件的 App。近日這個軟件更新至 v.,加入更加功能及修正問題。

Dailer One v1.2.7.6 更新:

  • Fixes for Android 2.3;
  • Order by family enabled only for Android 2.2+;
  • Performance tweaks;
  • New gray and wallpaper UI themes;
  • Ability to remove all contacts from frequently called list;
  • Added ignore special characters in search (『 「);
  • Install to SD option;
  • Hardware/software keyboard support;
  • Font size option;
  • Bug fixes;
  • Czech, Finnish localization;
  • Updated localizations;

下載 Dailer One v.1.27.6


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