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Groupon 團購澳門巨龍船票退款補償安排


Groupon 香港得悉巨龍船務的財務問題。我們一向把客戶的滿意度放在首位,所有未使用巨龍船務優惠劵的客戶均可獲得100%全數退款。我們已啟動退款安排,並已盡量簡化有關程序。客戶如未換領優惠劵,請電郵至[email protected],並填上有關資料如下:

  1. 閣下的Groupon登記電郵地址
  2. 未換領的優惠劵數量
  3. 選擇以信用卡或Groupon信用金額形式進行退款 (享有20% Groupon信用額回贈);如使用Paypal付款,我們亦會退款至有關戶口 (請列出Paypal戶口記電郵地址)
  4. 退款金額或Groupon信用金額退款總數


當我們確認優惠劵未有使用後,我們會馬上啟動退款程序。我們對客戶所造成的不便深表歉意,並於日後會更盡量保證商戶質素。Groupon 香港重申,我們一向把客戶的滿意度放在首位。衷心感謝您們的諒解!

Groupon HK

Dear Valued Groupon Customers,

Groupon Hong Kong has acknowledged Macao Dragon’s financial issues. We always pledge our commitment to absolute customer satisfaction and we will issue a 100% full refund for all customers that have not yet used the Macao Dragon vouchers. We have already begun the refund process with our customers and have made it very easy for you to get a full refund. If you have not yet redeemed your voucher, please email us the following information to [email protected]:

  1. List your registered Groupon email address on file
  2. # of vouchers not yet redeemed
  3. Please indicate if you prefer refund via credit card, via Groupon credits
    (20% bonus for Groupon credits) or Paypal to your account (if via Paypal,
    please list your Paypal registered email address)
  4. Total amount need to be refunded to you or total amount of Groupon
  5. credits

Some of you have requested Groupon credits as an alternative to receiving a refund and we have made this an option for you here. Additionally, if you elect to receive Groupon credits, an additional 20% of the Groupon credits will be transferred to your account. For example, if you had bought 10 Premium Class Vouchers at $80 each, your refund would be $800 back to your credit card within 4-6 weeks, if you elect to receive Groupon credits, you would immediately receive $960 in your Groupon account and valid to spend on any of our future deals.

Once we have successfully verified the voucher has not yet been used, we will immediately process. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused and please note we are making our best efforts to ensure quality of our future merchants. Again, we are fully committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction for our merchants and your understanding is much appreciated in this matter.

Groupon Customer Care

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  1. i oledy purchase 13 groupon voucher total amount HK$845-00, may i know when i can get my refund???

  2. I want ot refund the two ship tickets of the Macao Dragon fm my visa account


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