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Google Talk 及 AIM 可以雙向互通囉

Google 與 AOL 方面在這幾天都在努力地默默工作,在努力把 GTalk 及 AIM 這兩個 Instant Messenger 打通。事實上,GTalk 及 AIM 這兩個 IM 的佔有率不高,GTalk 大部份用戶來自 GMail 及 Android,而 AIM 則是 AOL 的用戶居多。

以往其實在 Google Talk 已經可以與 AIM 的用戶互通,不過就要在 GTalk 中登陸 AIM 的帳戶,但自 Google Talk 及 AIM 支援上雙向互通後,用戶就可以在 GMail 上直接與 AIM 的用戶聊天了!

In the next few days, Google and AOL are working together to change the way you connect to AIM buddies within Gmail. After this change, Gmail and AIM users can talk directly to each other without having to log into both services (you will no longer be able to log into AIM within Gmail’s “Chat” section). There are three ways to stay connected to the people you care about:


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