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Flickr 推出 New Photo Page Design 至所有用戶

今天,Flickr 向所有用戶推出了新的相片頁面設計。Flickr 自 23/6 開始測試新的相片頁面設計,至今已經有超過 800,000 用戶已經測試過新的相片頁面設計。

新的介面其中一個最顯著的分別是相片的大小,新的介面中的相片比起舊介面大了 28%,用戶在瀏覽相片時會有更好的效果。以下為新介面的其他新功能:

  • A new lightbox, that allows you to click on a photo or use the magnifying glass icon to browse through large photos on a dark background.
  • Always there navigation buttons to navigate between photos.
  • Navigate between the photostream, groups, and sets via the upgraded film strip on the photo sidebar.
  • A new widget-like grouping of the “story” of the photo, with location, tags, author, etc all in one easy to find place.
  • Licensing set by the author will be more visible in the new design.
  • Favoriting is now more visible next to comments.

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