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Dell – S2330MX 23 吋超薄 LED 顯示器售 USD $250!

上回我們介紹過 Dell 將會推出旗下有史以來最薄的 LED 屏幕 – Dell S2330MX,那邊廂 Dell US 就在網上開賣了!這部 Dell S2330MX 是目前 Dell 售賣的屏幕中最薄的一部,最薄處的厚度僅是 9.9mm。


Thrilling HD visuals in a beautifully thin design

Enjoy full high-definition viewing on a 23″ monitor that’s incredibly slim, exceptionally sleek and environmentally conscientious.

  • Ultra-slim panel: Add design flair to virtually any space with Dell’s slimmest LED monitor ever.
  • Full high-definition viewing: Enjoy an incredible multimedia experience with Full HD (1920×1080 max.) resolution.
  • Environmentally conscientious design: Rest easy knowing your Dell S2330MX monitor is designed to be safe for your home and the environment with arsenic-free and mercury-free LED panels.

Dell S2330MX 的售價為 USD$249.99 (折合約 HKD$1,950)。


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