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Sony NEX-5R 完整規格提早曝光!

早前我們報導過 Sony 將推出全新 EVIL 相機 Sony NEX-5R,相信將會在明天正式發佈。今天,SonyAlphaRumors 又公佈了 Sony NEX-5R 完整規格,如果大家想在發佈會前對於 NEX-5R 有更深入的了解,可以跳轉查看 Sony NEX-5R 的完整規格。


Sony NEX-5R 完整規格:

  • 16.1 Mpx APS-C CMOS Exmor sensor
  • New Bionz imaging engine
  • ISO 100 up to 25.600
  • Full HD video recording at 1920×1080/60p AVCHD 2.0 format
  • PASM shooting and digital zoom support
  • Phase/Contrast Hybrid AF
  • 99 phase detection AF points
  • 25 contrast AF points
  • Continuous AF and AF tracking
  • MF assist
  • Peaking level/color
  • Auto Portrait Framing
  • Self Portrait, Self timer
  • 3 inch tiltable screen (like the one from the NEX-F3)
  • Touch screen LCD with Touch Shutter
  • 15 picture effects
  • 2x Clear Zoom
  • over 400 pics per battery charge
  • takes the optional FDA-EV1S external viewfinder
  • Stereo mic
  • Shutter: 30sec up to 1/4.000
  • Time lag 0.02 sec
  • WiFi
  • Remote control via Application support
  • All the rest is like on the Sony NEX-5n (D-range, Auto HDR and so on)

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