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必下!OfficeSuite Professional 3.5 更新推出及限時免費!


今天,Mobile Systems (mobisystems) 推出了 iPhone 版本的 OfficeSuite Professional V3.5 更新,並且把價格設定為限時免費。OfficeSuite Professional 是目前其中一款比較出色的文書處理軟件,如果大家不滿意 Microsoft 及 Google 推出的文書軟件,可以在目前限時免費期間下載 OfficeSuite Professional。


OfficeSuite Professional V3.5 新功能:

Document Editor:

  • Support for pictures (view only)
  • Visualization of tables
  • Support for password protected text documents

Spreadsheet Editor:

  • Support of pictures
  • Charts (insert and edit)
  • Support for password protected spreadsheets


  • Editing features in PowerPoint
  • Save in PPTX format
  • Ability to create new presentations
  • Ability to insert new slides
  • Slide reordering
  • Cut/Copy/Paste slide
  • Ability to insert pictures
  • Ability to insert/edit text in slides
  • Support for shapes
  • SmartArt preview
  • Viewing of transitions in slideshows

File Browser:

  • Password protected documents
  • Zoom in picture preview
OfficeSuite PRO Mobile Office
OfficeSuite PRO Mobile Office
Price: HK$ 158.00+

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